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Dove Beauty Bar

€ 13.29

Dove White Beauty Bar doesn’t dry skin like regular soap
#1 Dermatologist Recommended


I don't think there's anything particularly magical about Dove soap, it just depends on what your skin likes. That said, my skin LOVES Dove. I used an olive oil soap for years, believing that it was better for my skin than "traditional" soaps like Dove or Dial, but for the last 6 months or so I'd been very unhappy with my skin - constant tiny break outs, ruddiness, uneven skin tone... You name it, I was experiencing it. I tried lots of different things (bentonite clay masks, GlamGlow, Clarisonic Mia, etc.) with absolutely no success. Oddly enough, while visiting a friend for a weekend, I used her Dove soap to wash my face and was AMAZED at how quickly my skin smoothed out and cleared up. I went back home and kept trying with the olive oil soap, but after a few weeks I gave up and ordered some Dove. Never been happier! Plus, the "cool moisture" scent is incredible.